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You can save money and make your oil fired boiler more efficient at the same time by placing a thermostat in the living room instead of the hallway. This ensures that heat is provided only when needed, rather than have it on all time. It also prevents useless wear and tear on the boiler system. If you would like to control the heat in your home, even when it’s not occupied, you may find a 7 day electronic timer useful, It separately programs hot water and room heating. [...] Oil Fired Boiler Article >>

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Oil Fired Boilers

Viessmann Oil Fired Boilers
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Viessmann Group is better known in the heating industry for winning the European Environmental Protection Award for their MatriX gas burner and an Innovative Achievement Award for their RotriX-EV oil burner. [...] Viessmann Oil Fired Boilers>>

The Energy Star logo is an indicator of the efficiency of the boilers, so if the product is 85% efficient or more, you can be sure it’s a good way for you to help preserve the environment and save some money as well. [...] Burnham Oil Fired Boilers>>

The Utica Constellation oil fired boiler is a commercial hot water multiple boiler system. Commercial buildings that require hot water heat from oil fuel need a boiler that provides efficiency and flexibility.  [...] Utica Oil Fired Boilers>>

Due to these latest facts, the construction industry started to develop more and more in areas with no connection to the gas infrastructure. These areas are considered to be extremely affordable as there is a lot of land available at a reasonable price.[...] Oil Fired Boiler Article >>

Oil Fired Boiler - Old School Become New Again

For many years, the oil fired boiler was considered the best way to provide heat for many homes and businesses across the county. As technology changed, oil suddenly seemed old fashioned and messy as a source of heat. Gas and electric heat became far more popular; not only were they seen as a much more economical form of heat, since they were very cheap for many years, but you could connect directly to the source. This meant no more having to worry about having the truck come out and fill your tanks or running out of oil in the middle of the night.

The high cost of both gas and electricity has forced many people to re-evaluate their choice of heat, with millions all across the country, buying brand new central heating systems. They are once again looking at the oil fired boiler as their primary source of heat. With an efficiency rating that runs from 85 to 95% or more, these new boilers are rapidly becoming the most efficient form of heating available today.
If a person were to install one of the latest combi boilers that combine a condensing boiler with a tankless hot water heating system they would find that every month of the year they could enjoy significant savings on their utility bills. During the winter months, you can have all the hot water you want courtesy of the boiler and in the months when the boiler is turned off, the tankless hot water heater will provide virtually an endless supply of hot water for mere pennies.

According to Energy Star and the EPA, a modern well maintained oil fired boiler may be one of the most efficient forms of heat for homes and businesses.  This is something to think about when you are building a new home or upgrading your current heating system while looking for ways to keep your monthly expenses at a minimum.

Oil Boilers Prices

When the time comes to replace your old worn out oil fired boiler with a new one, it can be confusing looking at the range of oil boiler prices. This article will help you understand a little more about what you should be looking for in a new oil boiler, and how to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Oil Fired Boiler Spares

While you may have a relatively new oil fired boiler for your home central heating system, you never know when it might breakdown. To protect you and your family from the worst of winter should it break down, you should keep the most common oil fired boiler spares on hand. This article will explain there is more to just having the parts but also how to shop for them.

Oil Fired Boiler Efficiency

For those who currently have an oil fired boiler heating system, getting the most out of your heating system means understanding how this efficiency is measured. Once you have a better understanding of this, it can help you to see how important it is to properly maintain your boiler. Proper annual maintenance is the key to keeping your boiler's overall efficiency rating as high as possible and your oil bills as low as possible.

Best Oil Boilers

With the huge range of boilers on the market today, we take a close look at what it takes to be considered one of the best oil boilers around. While many might think that it’s not always necessary to buy the very latest and best unit on the market, we cover why you should consider spending the extra money and buy the best unit you can afford.

Cheap Oil Boilers

It would be wonderful if everyone could afford to buy only the very best oil boilers on the market. Instead, many of us are on a tight budget and have to look at lowering our sites. Fortunately, this article will explain how you can get perfectly good cheap oil boilers that will keep your family warm all winter long, without having to pay a premium price.

Domestic Oil Fired Boilers

While the old fashioned domestic oil fired boilers earned a reputation for being very finicky and wasteful, the boilers being designed today are safe, fuel efficient and can keep your home warm for much less than many other forms of heat. If you choose the right type of oil fired boiler, your family can also look forward to a winter with a plentiful supply of hot water to go with your lovely warm house.

Oil Fired Heating Costs

Oil heat has for many years been considered a primary source of heat for many homes. Those who live outside the range of natural gas are often left with few other choices. While oil heat is thought by many to be somewhat expensive, if you take a closer look at it and follow the steps needed to keep your costs down, you can actually heat your home with oil relatively inexpensively.

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